William “Bill” Meloni is the Owner and CEO of Highway Infrastructure Safety Services.  Bill is a San Antonio native and has served over 40 years in traffic safety and traffic control.  He began his career in 1975 where he was soon given the opportunity to help grow a local traffic control company from less than 30 employees to well over 200.  He was involved in the inception and growth of the Pavement Marking Division which led to the largest locally owned South Texas Barricade and Pavement Marking Company.

From 1975 to 2010, Bill served in many capacities at a San Antonio based barricade and pavement marking company starting from the ground up.  In 1984 he was made Chief Estimator and in 1991, was rewarded for many years of dedicated service with a promotion to Vice President where he remained until his resignation in November 2010.  In November 2010, Bill was hired by a National Corporation to open a branch in San Antonio, Texas.  Soon the growth of this branch went from 1 to 34 employees in less than 2 years; once again meeting the needs of the South Texas area.  Due to unforeseen circumstances by Mr. Meloni, the company closed all 33 branches in May 2013.  It was at this time he realized the opportunity to begin Highway Infrastructure Safety Services where he could be an integral part of establishing a strong organization where character and integrity are vital parts of his company.  Through many years of experience, Bill has learned that meeting the needs of the community, providing good customer service, while creating a friendly work environment, are staples for success.

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